Expats In Transition


María Jesús Devolx López

I am María Jesús, or María for non-Spanish speakers, and I have been living a non-linear life for more than 20 years: the life of international mobility, of expatriation.

I am the mother of three teenagers who fit the profile of third culture children (TCK in English), partner of a diplomat, certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I am Spanish by birth and Belgian by love, and also a little from each country I have lived in.

Until now, I have lived in 9 countries on 5 continents, living alone, as a couple, with my entire family, and now with my incomplete family (the children are leaving the nest).

I have come up with my own definition of “home“, “belonging“, “career“, “red thread“, “roots“. I enjoy the unusual of this type of life. Living a life of high international mobility has transformed me, allowing me to discover the outside world and my inner world with great intensity. I accept the thorns and flowers that are presented to me each day.

Count on me if you want to live your life in the FIRST PERSON, especially when you live a non-linear life, an international mobility life.

Being a trailing spouse is not easy. Transitions wear you down. I also, like maybe you now, felt stuck, lost track, faced self-doubt. While in a personal transition, coaching turned out to be one of the most significant transformative experience. I would like to facilitate that you get to feel it too! I want you to count on me to help you live your life FIRST PERSON, especially when you live a non-linear life, outside of the ordinary canons. Like ours. The one we belong to the world of international mobility.

In my opinion we live in the first person when:

  • we are aware of what we want in our life, this is our vital GPS.
  • we taste the sweetness, acidity, and at times bitterness of a non-linear life.
  • we see the different paths ahead of us, we are aware they lead to different destinations.
  • our destinations are not the end of anything, but a stage on our way.

Thanks to coaching, I have redesigned my professional career several times and I have developed an open and curious attitude towards the unknown.

If you want, I am here, by your side, so that you too can experience it.

En expatriación, es crucial practicar el autoconocimiento, la adaptabilidad y mantener vivo el espíritu de aventura para disfrutar del camino de nuestra vida.