Expats In Transition



Individual coaching sessions are a great opportunity to deal with some of the challenges that emerge during transitions, such as:

  • Self-inquire about your purpose, goals, values to set a course towards a full life.
  • Organize your “inner wardrobe“: review your own resources and how to use them to achieve your goals.
  • Recover your identity or reinvent yourself: decide who you want to be at all times.
  • Get down to work! Take control of YOUR happiness, and make yours happy too.

Maria helped to dig deeper in some assignments. I made contact with people but she pushed me to ask the right questions. She was enthusiastic, has lots of experience herself with the expat life and she brought also humor in the sessions.

Bram Vandenbroucke

The coaching sessions with you were my oasis where I cried, expressed my feelings and thoughts and then, I listened, meditated and finally rejuvenated. You showed empathy at all times, you shared a part of your personal life that helped me to see my situation in a different way. You are for me very easy to trust. From session one, you won my complete trust.  



Inner wardrobe
Throughout or lives, we attend many events. What do you do when you’re invited to one? Maybe you evaluate the type of event (formal, informal, fun, intimidating, exciting,...) think through what would be suitable to wear, make an inventory of the clothes you have, evaluate whether or not you have what you need, and make a decision: I have what I need, or I need to get something new.

How do you identify and choose the clothes you already have? What makes this process easy and pleasant for you? To what extent knowing the clothes you have contributes to decide whether or not to go confidently to the event? What prompts you to get something new?

Having a tidy wardrobe where what you already have is clearly visible, helps identifying what you might still need to have.

Transitions, whether physical or personal, are great opportunities to make this "inner wardrobe" clean up exercise. This is what I invite you to do in our coaching sessions.