Expats In Transition



I propose to ACCOMPANY you in your TRANSITIONS so that you can achieve the TRANSFORMATIONS that you wish.

Does your current transition look like any of this?
  • Years ago, you chose to accompany and support your partner. This decision transformed you and your life. Now being “partner of…”, “spouse of …” or  “mother of …” is no longer enough. You feel it is time to review your big WHY, your goals, but how? Certainly you have gained and developed many resources and tools over the expatriation years, but which ones are useful now?
  • You are not very a very seasoned expat or this may be even your first time abroad. Maybe you are giving up your job and your career to support your partner´s. You feel stress and anxiety in the face of the unknown. You don´t feel prepared to enjoy the experience to its fullest, there is so much you just don´t know! You feel overwhelm.
  • You are coming back home as a repat or a fauxpat under new circumstances. You feel insecure how to set new goals adapted to your new environment. Maybe “home” is not really your homeland but no one seems to understand how this feels and you feel isolated and misunderstood. You’re concerned about how to help your kids transition to a new school, language, and culture as well as the integration in their own country after their experience abroad. The challenges of this new transition are overwhelming.
Is this the kind of transformation you want?
  • Be an updated version of yourself by knowing you better
  • Identify opportunities for personal growth and development
  • Inventory your existing resources in order to take charge of your life
  • Define what drives and motivates you: purpose, goals, values
  • Transform your challenges into opportunities to achieve your goals
  • Be happy and bring happiness to those around you

NOW is the time to take the first step towards your transformation. I’ve been there, and I know what it’s like.

Would you like me to be your partner in this journey?

Check out the programs. Contact me to see if I am the best fit for you.